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MenorahOES – The IBPS clone an Online Exam Software , for conducting exams , you can use it for your college ,university or any other skill development institute.

10 Things Why Menorah Exam Software is different than all:

  1. 2 Steps Installation process / Free Installation support
  2. Free/Paid Exams and Exam Series with detailed time analysis on each question
  3. Free/Paid Learning management System like video portal and downloadable items
  4. Online and Offline payments with coupons
  5. Dynamic multi lingual system
  6. Enable or disable modules with given settings
  7. Support for 7 types of questions
  8. Negative mark exam support with difficulty level
  9. Strengths and weakness of the student for each subject
  10. Messaging, Notifications, Feedbacks and many more…

The MenorahOES is excellent for universities, colleges, schools, training institutes, organizations and recruitment agencies to conduct online exams. It also supports YouTube videos, and images to create questions for online exams. Built with Laravel, the most powerful PHP framework makes people to customize MenorahOES system according to their requirements.

  • Parents have a detailed access to all the test and analytics of each child.
  • Parents can add their children and take the subscription for paid exams.
  • Parents can provide feedback on anything to admin through the system.
  • Parents will get all kind of notification alerts by admin timely.
  • Children can take Tests and bookmark any question, where they will collect all those bookmarked question in one place.
  • Children can learn video based lessons , and will contact the admin through feedback form.
  • Latest notifications alerts on Dashboard.
  • Detailed analysis of Tests, Strength and Weakness report of Exams.