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It’s the first premium wordpress plugin that allows you to create a store on facebook in just minutes, and not only that! You can use it as: standalone wordpress theme, mobile store and of course facebook page tab application.

Quick Install

Using WordPress platform you can have your own shop on facebook in just couple of minutes! It’s true, using Facebook eCommerce Shop you can have your own store in no time! It’s easy to install / configurate / use and we have documentation and video tutorials that will teach you step by step how to do it!

Multiple types of products!

Our shop supports multiple types of products, so you, as our costumer to be happy! Yes indeed, our Facebook eCommerce Shop support 3 types of products. Physical product, Digital product & Affiliate product! You can sell anything with our store!

Design & Layout!

Personalize as you please! Available application page width – wide! Our Facebook eCommerce Shop is compatible with the new facebook timeline, more than that we have 2 templates avaliable on size, wide (that’s 810px) and 960px if you want to use the store as default theme on wordpress. As general template we only have one, but you can customize it starting with the logo and finishing with the soft touches like texts , icons, buttons.

Multiple payment methods avaliable & email order confirmation!

Our shop supports multiple payment methods, currently 3. Our Facebook eCommerce Shop support 3 types payment. The first one is Paypal, then there’s Bank Wire transfer and Cash on Delivery. We’re gonna develop some other methods over time. Also we have a customizable email order confirmation template, so you can customize as you please.

Spread the word to the world!

Like it! Share it! Send it! Tweet it! Google+ it! Our Facebook eCommerce Shop contains all modern sharing possibilitties avaliable now. You can like/share a product on facebook. send it to a friend, tweet with your friends about it or google+ it! That’s the easiest way to bring some extra traffic to your shop, and of course extra sales!


Add, edit, delete, customize! In our Facebook eCommerce Shop , you can add all kind of products and 3 types of products. There’s a simple process to add/edit/delete products and categories. It’s easy to keep track of all your customers’s orders, add your products a discount , add them a gallery of images and so on!

International Localization!

We’re going global!

It’s true, our Facebook eCommerce Shop is intenational! It supports all major languages, and the shopping cart has a multi-currency support! You can sell your products on any currency you desire! It also has worldwide shipping option , for a custom fee or free so all your customers can be satisfied!


  • You can install it on any wordpress website
  • It’s very simple to install and use, please take a look at the documentation and video tutorials
  • Fully editable , you can edit the template starting with the logo and finish with the buttons.
  • Compatible with the new facebook timeline & avaliable Page Tab Width: Wide (810px) & Full Width (to use as default theme) – 960px
  • Simple method to add/edit/delete shop products
  • Email order module that’s customizable
  • Multiple payment methods avaliable
  • Social media included
  • Product details with image gallery
  • User comments
  • Related products
  • Pagination
  • Featured slideshow where you can showcase your special offers

Products Features

  • On our shop there are 3 types of products that you can add: Phisical product, Digital product & Affiliate product.
  • You can add a discount to your products, there’s a special option in the administration area when you add a product.
  • If you don’t fill in the price for the product, on that product won’t appear an “add to cart” button.
  • In our eCommerce Shop you don’t have a max number of products you can add. Also you can add as many categories that you want because we have category filters too!.
  • You can feature your special offers, products right on the homepage of the eCommerce Shop! We’ve made a special slideshow where you can showcase your products in a new cool special manner that will attract even more costumers!
  • Your products can be searched easily on our eCommerce Shop, because we have a custom search feature that allows your customers to get tbe best results just by typing the name of the product they wanna buy.
  • Each product has a gallery of images, where you can upload as many images as you like (maximum images suggested 4 ).Also each image can be opened using a lightbox.
  • Marketing – social media, on product details you have the option to like, tweet, google+ a certain product.
  • Featured/Related products, cross selling
  • Facebook comments integrated

Shop Cart Features

  • Continue shopping option
  • Modify the quantity of the products from the cart
  • Delete all products from the cart by giving quantity value 0
  • Shipping tax that can be modified from administration
  • Checkout option that’s in 3 steps
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Payment methods avaliable : Paypal, Bank transfer, Cash on delivery