Hight-Load CMS for Video Education Sites

Enterprise CMS
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We have been collaborating with many of the education sites. This experience made Hight-Load CMS for Video Education Sites into the powerful and reliable system it is today, offering easy to use management tools, robust content protection, detailed stats and great site network building features.

Hight-Load CMS for Video Education Sites features for education sites

  • Advanced billing system
  • You can build a hybrid site
  • Incredibly flexible page builder with simple and easy to use design templates
  • Ratings and comments, full social and community features
  • Video player with HTML5 support
  • Multi-format content and creating formats as you build your site
  • Protected against brute force hacking and user account sharing
  • Custom public and private playlists
  • Updates and improvements never stop
  • Firsthand pro level English language support from the development team
  • Combine paid subscription options
  • Video and video screenshot rotator
  • Bonus areas with text content
  • 100% open PHP code available for purchase
  • Multi-language sites, multi-language content
  • Extensive, easy to understand categorization
  • Multi-server content conversion and storage
  • Embed code support with flexible ad settings and detailed stats
  • Have your content posted later
  • 100% secure, fully controllable sites