Hight-Load CMS for Online Video Sites

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For more than 9 years, we have been helping launch tube / lifestyle sites and made sure they have evetything they need to grow into major, feature-rich sites. For this entire time, we have been improving our product. Now, Hight-Load CMS for Online Video Sites is a truly powerful and reliable solution with automated import, grabbers, synonimizers, automated data filling, detailed stats and features that help you easily build and grow site networks.

Hight-Load CMS for Online Video Sites features for tube / lifestyle sites

  • Fully optimized for high loads
  • 100% open PHP code can be purchased
  • Video and video screenshot rotator
  • Extensive, easy to understand categorization
  • Multi-language support for site and content
  • Multi-server content conversion and storage
  • Embed codes are supported, offering flexible ad configuration settings and detailed stats
  • Mass import and export with various options
  • Detailed stats
  • Firsthand pro level English language support from the development team
  • Incredibly flexible page builder with simple, easy to use design templates
  • Full-featured ad management
  • Building sites using hotlinked files and embed codes
  • Video player supporting HTML5, multiple quality modes, and virtually limitless monetization options
  • Absolute security and 100% site control
  • Multi-format content support and creating formats as you build and grow your site
  • Synonimizer support, category, models and tags autofill
  • Import feeds for various formats
  • Updates and improvements never stop