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Online Product Designer is one of the best WordPress T-Shirt designer plugins to customize your t-shirt online according to your requirement.

Wish to add a t-shirt designer software to your WordPress e-commerce website. Our T-shirt Designer WordPress is a plugin that lets you do exactly that. This t-shirt design tool gets integrated to the website as a WordPress plugin and add custom design feature to it. Using this t-shirt designer software, you can let your end users create their own designs on their favorite t-shirts and other such apparels.

The tool has been awaited for a long time as WordPress is one of the most popular CMS for building websites. Our developers have made sure that they incorporate all the features that are essential for a t-shirt designer WordPress plugin. Among the long list of features and qualities that the tool boasts of, the most striking one is its ability to be accessed on all kinds of mobile devices as well.

Built with the most advancement technologies, the t-shirt designer WordPress is a feature-packed plugin that is blessed with easy to use UI as well as several customization option. The end users can choose a t-shirt from the front-end and apply design components like text, images and cliparts on them. Apart from the images and cliparts provided along with the tool, the users are free to upload custom images also. Other options like flip, rotate, resize are also provided so that the users can easily create personalized designs. The integration of the plugin to the WordPress website is seamless and there is no reported incompatibility with any existing plugin. In order to make the process of design hassle-free for the novice users, the options to undo and redo the design changes have been provided. The backend of the tool is also quite robust and let the admin manage the products, set price for the customization and also take printouts with ease.

Striking Features of Online Product Designer – T-Shirt WordPress Plugin

  • jQuery enabled
  • Fully Responsive
  • Product, image, clipart upload using JSON
  • Rotate, flip, resize option
  • Seamless WordPress integration
  • Touch enabled for smartphones
  • Ready to print output formats
  • Set price, manage products from back-end
  • Built-in images and cliparts
  • Preview, save and share designs
  • Shortcut keys for undo and redo
  • Text outline feature
  • Warning for inappropriate content
  • Autosave feature
  • Clipart search option
  • Color extraction for removing unwanted details from image
  • Black Canvas feature