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Introducing the Quick Engrave Effect. This effect will take your artwork and convert it into an engraved image in seconds! Load the patterns and actions in Photoshop, and hit play! There are several options to choose from, depending on how intense you want the effect to be. There are also two different engraving methods to choose from, for a total of 6 actions.

You have a lot of customization options with the Quick Engrave Effect. You can move your image around and tweak it to your liking, with the effect still ‘live’ until you’re completely happy with the results. As well, if you want to adjust the shadows/highlights of your image, we’ve included ‘Curves’ adjusters as well.

Quick Engrave Effect

You get 6 engrave actions! Two versions of the effect, each with 3 different intensities. The results are easy to tweak and customize to your liking.

Colorway Generator

We’ve also included a 7th action, which generates 7 colorways for you to choose from. The colorways are inspired by classic engrave applications, such as stamps and currency.


We’ve also gone ahead and included 9 paper textures. Each texture was scanned from books that are over 100 years old. When combined with an engraved image, you get amazing vintage looking results.

No Extended license needed

Looking to use this on a large scale commercial project? Go right ahead! No need to purchase an extended license.