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Bootstrap 3 UI Kit, the best starting point for any online project you are building. It magically offers responsive design and easy to use elements. It has became a trademark for the online community of a clean and nice looking interface.

Using Bootstrap straight out of the box doesn’t solve design. The team behind Creative Tim strongly believes in this argument and has made this kit following this perspective. Customization is vital for any project using Bootstrap.

So how can you enjoy the Bootstrap benefits and have a facelift for your project? Simply import the Get Shit Done Kit into your project or start building on top of it. It easy to use and integrate.

Bootstrap 3 support

Get Shit Done Kit is a beautiful resource built for Bootstrap. We have redesigned all its components to make it look flat, minimalist and easy to use. The Get Shit Done Kit fully supports Bootstrap 3.

Easy integration

Using it is very simple and it will enable you to refresh you classic looking application. We provide all the necessary CSS resources. To get going, just include ‘css/get-shit-done.css’ in your HTML template. Your project will get the new look.

Fresh looking color scheme

Every element in the Get Shit Done Kit follows a fresh color scheme going from azzure blue to bright red. Check out the live preview to see the great effect!

Tutorial & Components

To get you started with the kit, check out the tutorial.  It starts with the basic to help you.

If you want to see the documentation for the components used inside Get Shit Done Kit, you can find further description here components.


All ‘Get Shit Done’ images belong to guys at Mi Goals. We want to thank them again for letting us use them inside the kit and for inspiration. Go check out their awesome stationery and the Get Shit Done Poster. Our office has never looked better since we found them!